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"It's my generation that will be living in the digital age, and I want to be the one that shapes it into something exquisite."

- Vlad Tarabasa, CEO


Meet The Team

Vlad Tarabasa
Chief Executive Officer

A Letter From Our CEO

"A strong domain name today is the most innovative way to truly captivate your online audience and space. I'm really honoured to be a part of a market like this. Our world is transforming into a unified digital society, where everyone is online and everything is connected. We are living in an online utopia and it's amazing. We have the opportunity to shape ideas into creations of online brands and businesses, and then the ability to showcase our work to a global audience. We are a digital generation and it's up to us to capitalise on the online space out there with the ideas that lie within our genius. We are the key to unlocking the future of the digital world and we have the responsibility to do so."

Vlad Tarabasa.

CEO   |   Tarabasa Domains Ltd.

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