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Here at Tarabasa Domains Ltd we dedicate our knowledge and expertise towards the buying, selling and brokering of premium domain names. 

We understand the importance of what it means to own an online estate; that's why our company is the leading agency in growing businesses within the online space by equipping them with powerful and unique digital assets. 

Whether your company is looking to purchase or sell a premium domain name, Tarabasa Domains Ltd offer a professional service that will ensure your business needs are catered to.





Domain names are key to an online future. We are living in a digitalised era; an online utopia where the world is connected through the touch of our fingertips. At Tarabasa Domains, we believe in the power of domain names. With an instrumental domain name, businesses can thrive to the highest levels of online success. These online estates are the best form of shaping, branding and marketing any kind of business online - giving millions of people access to your services across the globe. That's why our vision at Tarabasa Domains is to bring the premium domain market to businesses so that they can grow their online presence, enabling them to set the standards of success for tomorrow. Making the online world a superior, further united, successful space.


Our mission is clear and simple – we are here to lead and grow the domain industry into one of the most globally recognised valuable assets online. We create excellence simply by providing businesses with the right online estates that they need to thrive within the online market. We are here to instate ourselves as a leading domain authority and to reinstitute the value of domains across the world. This industry has a vast deal of potential yet to be unlocked. At Tarabasa Domains Ltd we are willing to invest our time, capital and expertise to ensure that domain names become the globally recognised entrepreneurial market that it is.


We keep business direct and professional. Tarabasa Domains Ltd was built on probity, dependability and authenticity, along with hours of hard work and dedication. We understand exactly what it takes to run a diligent business. We offer our sincere guarantee to always provide a skilled, trustworthy and bespoke service for our clients. We are excellent at what we do and so it's our philosophy to take on any of the complexities that comes with trading domains for our clients - making the process of buying and selling domains with us, streamline and efficient. 




Your Domain Is Your Brand

A strong web presence and complementary branding is key for any business to strive in today’s world. Premium domain names give your business the platform needed to be located by consumers already searching for you. Owning a domain name that illustrates your company's industry goes a long way in helping potential customers to locate and identify with your business. It let's them memorise you instantly, and it let's you secure and own your brands entire niche through a single premium purchase.

Domain Names Are Appreciating Assets

Ever since the first domain name was registered in 1985, they have become strong commodities that have consistently increased in value, reaching sale figures up to and exceeding tens of millions of U.S. dollars. These are not 'one off' situations, these are re-occurring sale figures, simply because companies understand and appreciate the value that domains offer to 
their businesses. To date, the highest recorded domain sale is '', which sold for $90 million. It is undeniable that domains are offering companies a substantial return on their investment. 

Your Domain Gives You Instant Credibility

Having a domain name that reflects your company and brand grants customers an instant sense of trust and authority. They will be significantly more incentivised to do business with '', compared to '". That's just fact.

Domains Provide Instant Marketing Advantages

Premium domain names market and advertise themselves. Once registered, these domain names are set in stone and are active around the clock. It's no surprise that they come with added marketing advantages. After acquiring a premium domain, you can expect to see a spike in web traffic due to your domain being a prominent result on search engines. Generating a consistent flow of customers directly to your business' landing page. Advertising in newspapers and other publications, on TV, or via online adverts are great ways of marketing your business but they have one big flaw: once you stop paying for the advert, the traffic slows down and eventually comes to a halt. A premium domain is a one-time investment that will generate results forever. 

Everybody is using the Internet

More people are using the internet now than ever before, offering businesses an unparalleled audience which simply wasn’t accessible formerly.  We have come to live in a generation where the online world has an ever-increasing influence. It has become a necessity to everyday living. The internet has connected the world and has given every individual a platform to become a leader of the future. Owning your premium domain name gives you the global access that could take your business from nothing to everything.

Domains Can ALWAYS Be Resold

Domains are liquid assets, they are bought and sold very quickly with straightforward legality and minimal paperwork. If circumstances change and your company sees the need to liquidate your domain name assets quickly, it would not be an issue for you. The domain market has a quick turnover and premium domains can get snapped up as soon as they hit the market. There will always be another investor lined up for your domain, minimising your risk and eliminating your exposure.

Your Domain's Professional Advantage

Owning the right domain name comes with perks. You will be able to create professional company email addresses registered to your domain, that your consumers will be able to identify with your company. You can forward multiple sub-domains to your primary domain to increase traffic flow. Advertising will become streamline, as you will be able to forward your primary domain to pages or products on your site for consumers to notice. Premium domains speak for themselves and are easily remembered when paired with business cards and marketing material.

A Premium Domain Makes You A Leader In Your Field

Having the exact, precise domain name for your brand will set you apart from the competition. It will give you a platform to dominate the online space of your niche, leaving your competitors to opt for subprime and second-rate domains. While your competitors are limiting their level of online presence and in the process missing out on bulk traffic - your company will be leading from the top.

Companies Can Easily Link To You

What happens so often in the web industry is a reputable company will write an article linking a particular premium domain name to the business that they are writing about - only for all that traffic to be directed to the wrong place. All because that secondary business doesn't actually own their premium domain name. Businesses and companies will assume that your company owns the premium .com domain that captures your brand - and so when they link to that premium domain name and you don't actually own it, you miss out on all that potential traffic. That's why owning your premium .com domain name allows companies to link to you, without sending the traffic in the wrong direction.

Instant Traffic

Premium keywords are already consistently getting tens and hundreds of thousands of searches each month via web search engines. Now imagine that you own the domain name that matches with the premium keywords already being searched. You instantly position your business for success - you allow all those tens and hundreds of thousands of people searching for a keyword to land directly upon your business, turning thousands of people into potential customers, drastically increasing revenue each month.

Search Engine Ranking

It's a proven fact that premium domain names rank highly in search engines over poorer quality domains. If you own the premium exact match domain name that represents your brand, you are instantly allowing people to reach you when they search through search engines. Search engine sites like Google will acknowledge instantaneously the authority that a premium domain name provides, and they will position you at the very top of their search results. That leads to self flowing traffic and huge business growth. If Google recognises your brand as a premium brand, so will your customers.

Protecting Your Brand

Owning the premium domain name for your brand can protect your company from a number of factors. It prevents other companies from securing the domain name and dominating under the same keywords as you. It also protects your business from leaked traffic. There have been multiple instances where companies who own the long-tailed keyword domain of their brand have spent millions in advertising, and a huge portion of their traffic was leaked up to the top companies who owned the premium domain name under the same keyword. By securing your premium domain name, you prevent leaked traffic, and you also gain traffic from other companies underneath operating under the same keyword as you leaking their traffic to you. 

The Potential For Return On Investment

Purchasing the right premium domain name is like purchasing a turnkey business ready made for you in a box. There are already hundreds of thousands of people searching the premium keyword terms that represent your business into Google, and there are plenty of advertisers out there ready to pay out companies for hosting businesses in those particular niches, let alone the income from selling any services or products that you provide. Once you own your premium exact match domain name and you are positioned well on Search engines, it's all a numbers game from there. All those hundreds of thousands of people searching for you and landing on your page, multiplied by the cost of your product and by the cost of what advertisers pay out - it's easy to see how a ROI can be made within months. 

Premium Domains Are In High Demand

The demand for premium domain names is rapidly increasing. Companies are competing each day to land their businesses on the best digital assets available. Securing your premium domain name today will leave you secured for the rest of time. You will be the predominant controller and influencer of your niche, and you will be known as the leading brand around your industry - leading its direction and growth. You will not have to compete any more to be the best, as you will have already secured the best possible digital investment for your company.

Global Positioning

There is only one king premium domain in a niche. And yet there are thousands of companies who have businesses and brands built around that niche. If you own the premium keyword domain name of your niche, you instantly set yourself aside from the thousands that compete with you. You dominate and you own that entire niche. There is no further explaining necessary when explaining who you are or what your brand is - you simply state your domain name and people will instantly recognise you. Whereas your competitors will be left having to give justifications as to who they are and why they’re not the premium keyword that they’re branded around.

Relevance and Irrelevance

If you own the long tailed domain name of your brand, it’s very easy (and likely!) that another brand will swoop in and secure the premium version of the domain name, effectively making your brand and company irrelevant – because THEY will be known as the niche dominator for that keyword. Avoid being made irrelevant by securing the premium domain name that your business is built around.


Each Day, More And More Companies Are Seeing The True Value
That Domain Names Provide For Their Business.

Each Day, More And More Businesses Are Setting Aside Thousands In Capital 
To Invest Into The Perfect Domain. 

All Because They Know The True Significance And Power
That Domain Names Hold.




Every year the value of the domain market increases exponentially.

Every year domain sales turn over millions in revenue.

Domain names are undoubtedly the best digital assets for current investment.

Top Domain Name Sales Of All TimeSale PriceTop Domain Name Sales Of 2018    Sale Price $90,000,$12,000,000$49,700,$5,540,000$35,600,$3,500,000$35,000,$2,500,000$30,180,$1,200,000$18,000,$1,000,000$17,000,$900,000$16,000,$750,000$15,000,$600,000$13,000,$550,000 



Meet The Team

Vlad Tarabasa
Chief Executive Officer
& Lead Domain Broker

Zain Fazal
Chief Operating Officer
& Senior Domain Broker

Richard Metters 
Chief Financial Officer
& Senior Domain Broker

"It's my generation that will be living in the digital age, and I want to be the one that shapes it into something exquisite."

- Vlad Tarabasa

A Letter From Our CEO

"A strong domain name today is the most innovative way to truly captivate your online audience and space. I'm really honoured to be a part of a market like this. Our world is transforming into a unified digital society, where everyone is online and everything is connected. We are living in an online utopia and it's amazing. We have the opportunity to shape ideas into creations of online brands and businesses, and then the ability to showcase our work to a global audience. We are a digital generation and it's up to us to capitalise on the online space out there with the ideas that lie within our genius. We are the key to unlocking the future of the digital world and we have the responsibility to do so."

Vlad Tarabasa.

CEO   |   Tarabasa Domains Ltd.



Vlad Tarabasa

Chief Executive Officer

Zain Fazal

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Metters

Chief Financial Officer

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