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Here at Tarabasa Domains Ltd we dedicate our knowledge and expertise towards the buying, selling and brokering of premium domain names. 

We understand the importance of what it means to own an online estate; and that's why our company is the leading agency in building business' up to thrive within the online space with powerful and unique digital assets.

Whether your company is looking to purchase or to sell a premium domain name, Tarabasa Domains Ltd offer a professional service that will ensure your business's needs are catered to.

W H A T E V E R   Y O U R   D O M A I N   N E E D S;
W E ' L L   H A V E   Y O U   C O V E R E D

S E C U R E   Y O U R   O N L I N E   D O M A I N   T O D A Y  -
W I T H   T A R A B A S A   D O M A I N S


Domain names are the key to the online future. We are living in the day and age of a digitalised era; in an online utopia of a world connected through the touch of our fingertips; and domain names provide business's the fundamental foundation needed to be monumental in the online world. At Tarabasa Domains, we believe in the power of domain names. With an instrumental domain name, business's can thrive through to the highest lengths of online success. These online estates are the best form of shaping, branding and marketing any kind of business online - giving millions of peolpe access to their services all across the globe. That's why our vision here at Tarabasa Domains is to see the premium Domain Name market invested into by business's that will set influential standards of success, all across the internet, through the domain names that they use. Making the online world a better, more connected, more successful space.


Our mission is clear and simple – we are here to lead and grow this industry to have domain names become one of the most globally recognised valuable assets online. We create excellence simply by providing business's with the right online estates that they need to thrive successfully within the online market. We are here to reinstitute the value of domain names accross the world and we are here to create leaders within business's. This industry has a vast deal of potential yet to be unlocked, and at Tarabasa Domains Ltd we are willing to put in the investment, the time, and the work to ensure that this market becomes the globally recognised entrepreneurial market that it is. 


We keep business direct and professional. Tarabasa Domains Ltd was built on hours of hard work and dedication, and plenty of coffee for fuel; so we understand exactly what it takes to run a business. It’s our solemn promise to always take care of our clients and so just like a good leather jacket - we fit around the needs of the clients that we work with. We are excellent at what we do, .and so it's our ethos to take away any of the hard work that comes with trading domain names from our clients's backs - making the process of buying and selling domains with us as easy as ABC. That’s just our way of saying thank you for working with us.

T H E   L U X U R Y   O F   P R E M I U M   D O M A I N   N A M E S


S O . . . W H Y   I S   A   D O M A I N   N A M E   A N
I M P O R T A N T   I N V E S T M E N T   F O R   Y O U R 
C O M P A N Y?

Your Domain Name Is Your Brand

A strong web presence is key for any business to strive in todays world, and branding is a huge part of that. Premium domain names give your business the platform needed to be located by people already searching for you, so owning the domain name that goes with your company's work goes a long way in helping those people get to you.

Domain Names Are Appreciating Assets

Ever since the first domain name was registered in 1985, they have become strong commodites that have consistently increased in value, reaching sale figures of up to hundreds of thousands, millions, and even up to tens of millions. These are not 'one off' situations - these are consistent, re-occuring sale prices of domains, simply because companies understand and appreciate the value of what domains can do for their business'. To date, the highest recorded domain sale has been of '', which sold for $90 million. So, domain names are definitely doing something right for business'.

Your Domain Gives You Instant Credibility

Having a domain name that reflects your company and your brand gives your customers an instant sense of trust and authority. They will be significantly more keen on doing business with somebody that owns '', rather than '". That's just fact.

Domains Provide Instant Marketing Advantages

Premium domain names heavily market and advertise themselves. Once registered, these domain names are set in stone and they
stay true and active all around the clock, so it's no suprise that they come with a load of marketing advantages. You will see a spike in web traffic instantly after aqcuiring your premium domain, and you will consistently stay prominent in search engines under searches that match your domain; letting people searching through search engine sites flow directly to your business' landing page.

Everybody is using the Internet

We have come to live in a generation where the online world matters now more than ever. It has become a necessity to everyday happy and comfortable living. It gives us the entire world at our fingertips and so much more. The internet has connected the world through a digital, online space, and has given each and every individual the platform to be a leader of the future. 

Domains Can ALWAYS Be Resold

If for some reason, your company changes their mind about the domain name that they want to use and have already paid for a particular domain. No matter what, that domain can always be resold back to the market. There will always be another company or another domain investor with a different vision for that domain, that will purchase the domain right back off your hands, leaving you at no risk if things go south.

Your Domains' Professional Advantages

Owning the right domain name can come with a few handy perks for your business. You will be able to create things like professional company email address' that your customers will be able to recognise and contact you on. You will be able to have multiple sub domains forwarded to your primary domain for extra traffic. You will be able to forward your primary domain to any particular pages or products on your site that you'd like to have advertised. And you will have a premium domain that will look very professional on any kind of business cards or marketing material.

A Premium Domain Makes You A Leader In Your Field

Finally, having the exact, direct domain name for your brand will set you apart from all the competition. It will give you a platform for the entire online space of your niche, leaving the other companies within your niche opting for the second best option. And while your competitors will be missing out on potential traffic and limiting themselves on the level of online presence that they could have achieved - your company will be at the top leading by example.

T R U E   E X C E L L E N C E   I N   D O M A I N   N A M E S

Each Day, More And More Companies Are Seeing The True Value
That Domain Names Provide For Their Busienss'.

Each Day, More And More Business' Are Setting Aside Thousands In Capital
To Invest Into The Perfect Domain Name. 

All Because They Know Exactly, The True Significance And Power
That Domain Names Hold.




Every Year The Value Of The Domain Name Market Increases Substancially.

And Every Year, Domain Name Sales Turn Over Millions In Revenue Consistently. 

Domain Names, Are Undeniably The Best Digtial Assets To Invest Into.

Top Domain Name Sales Of All TimeSale PriceTop Domain Name Sales Of 2018    Sale Price $90,000,$5,540,000$49,700,$2,500,000$35,600,$1,200,000$35,000,$900,000$30,180,$750,000$18,000, $510,000$17,000,000Vacation.Rentals$500,300$16,000,$500,000$15,000,$500,000$13,000,000Home.Loans$500,000

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Meet The Team

Vlad Tarabasa

CEO and SeniorDomain Broker

Zain Fazal

Managing Director and Senior Domain Broker

"It's my generation that will be living in the digital era, and I want to be the one that shapes it into something exquisite."
- Vlad Tarabasa

A Letter From Our CEO

"A Strong domain name today is the most innovative way to truly captivate your online audience and space. I'm really honoured to be a part of a market like this. Our world is transforming into a colossal digital society, where everyone is online and everything is connected - we are living in an online utopia., and it's rather amazing...We have the opportunity to create and shape ideas and creations into online brands and business'; and then the ability to showcase our work to an audience of anyone, anywhere in the world. All at the simple touch of our fingertips - and with a simple domain name to represent our online image. It's a digital era, and it's up to us to capitalize on the online spaces out there with the ideas that lie within our genius'. We hold the key to what the future of the digital world looks like."

Vlad Tarabasa.

CEO   |   Tarabasa Domains

C O N T A C T 


Vlad Tarabasa, CEO.


Zain Fazal, Managing Director.